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Baerlocher China certified for excellent working conditions

Number of visits: Date:2017.09.29
Thanks to the outstanding quality of its working conditions, Baerlocher China has recently been recognized as one of the “Labor Security High-integrity Enterprises of Changzhou.” Just 31 out of 4,140 companies in Changzhou received the honor this year.
A total of 43 aspects of working conditions, including compliance and integrity issues, protection of workers’ rights, employee participation, safe production and more, are taken into account in this assessment, which is conducted by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Changzhou.
“The certification is not only a highly valuable recognition from the bureau, but also an acknowledgement of Baerlocher China’s social image,” said Wilson Wang, General Manager of Baerlocher China. “The good ranking is also a reflection of our company values of integrity and excellence. It will help our company to attract and retain talents to secure our continued growth.”

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Baerlocher Plastic Additives (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

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About 15 minutes’ drive from Changzhou North Station. For drive route, please search the Baidu Map